Child Development, Well-being, and Family Life Consultation Service

Mari Mina Pharmacy are pleased to EXCLUSIVELY  provide Unique Personalized consultation services to Parents and Young Children (0-6 years old) by Child Development, Well-being, and Family Life Consultant Rana Shoukry, PhD Scholar, M.A.E, B.A.CDFS.

                        Rana’s Qualifications
PhD Scholar Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies
Master’s in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor’s in Child Development, Family Life and Family Studies

What Do We Offer?

The sessions aim to equip parents with the information they need in order to make developmentally appropriate decisions in relation to their children’s upbringing.In addition, they provide parents with expert advise on how to respond to their children’s needs and challenging behaviour in the most effective way.

Why Choose us?

Rana uses an Integrative Counselling approach, meaning that the consultation sessions are especially designed to fit your particular needs as a parent, as well as your child’s particular needs. 

We offer a variety of Consultation Services to Families such as:
  • Parent and Child Temperament (Learning about your own temperament as well as your child’s)

  • Ages and Stages (Learning about your child’s developmental milestones)

  • Infant and Toddler Development

  • Children’s Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Development

  • Early Learning and Play 

  • Children’s Toileting, Sleeping, and Eating habits

  • Screen Time and Young children

  • Disciplining Young Children

  • Dealing with Toddler Tantrum

  • Dealing with Challenging Behavior

  • Positive Parenting Approaches

  • Engaging in Meaningful and Nurturing Experiences with your Child

Get your loyalty card which will give you the following:

  • €10 off consultations fees
  • €5 off recommended medicines
  • 10% off loyalty discount 
  • For more information and booking: please phone :                                        052 744 1 744


What is the cost?


The first consultation will be a Free 20 min phone consultation.This will be an introductory session between you and your consultant where you discuss any questions, comments, or concerns in preparation for your first session. 

The cost of the session is €80. Please submit your payment through our website prior to your consultation session.   

Where are the Consultations Carried out?

 Consultations are carried out at Mari Mina Pharmacy, Cahir, Co. Tipperary or virtually. Please use our enquiry form at the bottom of the page or feel free to call us or email us at info@marimina.ie to find out more and book an appointment.


How to schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, please fill in the booking form below.  

Child Development Consultation Booking Form