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Child Development, Well-being, and Family Life Consultation Service

Mari Mina’s Counseling Service: Early Development and Well-being

Parents play a vital role in the socialization process of their children. In the case of Ireland, First 5, a whole of government policy for babies, young children, and their families emphasizes the importance of parental involvement throughout early childhood years. For instance, research notes that the child’s brain grows faster during early childhood, compared to any other time in their life. Therefore those early years are a really critical period for their learning. In addition, early childhood research has shown great links between early childhood experiences and health in adulthood. 

However, early childhood years are influenced by several factors. For instance, family and home environment have the most influential impact on children’s early learning, such as: social, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional development. The interactions and experiences that children face within those years help develop their social skills and capabilities (Government of Ireland, 2018). In addition, parent interactions with their children throughout those early years have an effect on their resilience, adaption and well-being. However, in order for children to thrive and develop successfully it is essential that their parents engage in positive parenting. First 5 (Government of Ireland, 2018) identifies the Positive Parent as someone who respects the child’s interests and rights, they empower, nurture, guide and identify children as individuals with rights. They raise children in a nonviolent environment while setting boundaries that help them develop and reach their full potential. Therefore, it is clear to note that parent involvement and interactions throughout those early years are extremely crucial for children’s development. However, it is essential that parents are provided with all the knowledge and resources they need in order to offer their children with those nurturing and meaningful experiences.

How Can We Help?

Parenting is an ongoing process of gaining knowledge about your individual child, their needs, and what they need to prosper. How parents manage childhood experience has an influence on their child-rearing, therefore it is essential that each parent is provided with the knowledge they need. 

We are aware that when a child is struggling, the family as a whole is affected. Therefore, it is essential for parents to be aware that their interactions and involvement with their children throughout those early years not only shape’s their childhood, but also have an impact on their adulthood in the long run. For instance, lack for parental engagement has been correlated with behavior problems, low self-esteem, and low academic achievement. 

Mari Mina counseling service aims to provide parents and young children (0-6 years old) with the knowledge and resources they need in order to strive and succeed. Our counseling sessions are especially focused on Early Development, Well-being, and Family Life. The counseling sessions aim to help parents make developmentally appropriate decisions in relation to their children’s upbringing. 

In addition, they provide parents with the knowledge they need in order to navigate through the challenges of parenting. We explore the challenges and concerns we receive from parents and provide them with expert advise on how to respond to their children’s needs in the most effective way. In addition, if you have a young child (0-6 years) who needs support, we offer resources and counseling sessions that can help get the best care for your child as well as your family. experiences

We Offer a Variety of Counseling Services to Parents, Families, and Children:

  • Parent and Child Temperament (Learning about your own temperament as well as your child)
  • Ages and Stages (Learning about your child’s developmental milestones)
  • Infant Development
  • Toddler Development
  • Children’s Social and Emotional Development
  • Children’s Cognitive Development
  • Early Learning
  • Play
  • Children’s Toileting, Sleeping, and Eating habits
  • Screen Time and Young children
  • Disciplining Young Children
  • Dealing with Toddler Tantrum
  • Dealing with Challenging Behavior
  • Parenting Support
  • Positive Parenting Approaches
  • Parent Involvement throughout Early Childhood
  • Mother Involvement throughout Early Childhood
  • Father Involvement throughout Early Childhood
  • Engaging in Meaningful and Nurturing Experiences with your Child

How to Schedule an Appointment?

To schedule an appointment please fill out The Appointment Request and Contact Form below. In addition, in order to provide you with a meaningful and knowledgeable counseling session, we ask that you fill you out the “How Can We Help You?” section by indicating what
topics and concerns you would like to discuss throughout the upcoming session.

What is the Cost and Duration of the Session?

Usually you will have talked to the counselor by telephone and discussed any questions
or concerns in preparation for your first session (15 min max). The sessions will be one
hour in duration. Please submit your payment through our website prior to your counseling
session. Cost: €80

How Will the Sessions be Provided?

Counseling sessions are offered through face to face meetings in (Cahir, Co.Tipperary) or
virtually through Microsoft Teams.

About Rana Shoukry

I am a qualified Child Development and Well-being Specialist, who has worked in the Early Childhood sector for 10 years. I have received my Bachelor’s degree from California State University, of Long Beach, in Child Development, Family Life an Family Life Education. In addition, I have received my Masters from California State University, of Long Beach, in Early Childhood Education. Moreover, I am currently a PHD Scholar in the Department of Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies, at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick. My Doctoral research is focused on Parental Involvement, in particular, Father’s Experiences of their involvement in their children’s Early years. In addition, I have been supervising, mentoring, and teaching college students in the Department of Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies, at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, for the past four years. This experience, which I currently still take part in, enables me to visit college students conducting their placements at Early Childhood Settings, and share my expertise with them in relation to developmentally appropriate practices and interactions with children throughout their early years. In addition, it grants me the opportunity to provide college students with lectures and tutorials on early childhood education throughout the four-year duration of their program.

Rana's Qualifications

(PhD Scholar) Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies: Parental Involvement, Father’s Experiences of their Involvement in their Child’s Life in Early Childhood from Birth to Five Years (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)

(M.A.E) Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education (California State University, of Long Beach)

(B.A. CDFS) Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, Family Life and Family Studies (California State University, of Long Beach)

Rana Shoukry's Story

In addition to working in the Early childhood field for the past 10 years, I also have experience working with parents and families of young children. For instance, I have engaged in several parent education seminaries and lectures; in school settings, college settings, conferences, and church settings. In addition, I engage in parent counseling sessions at my local church, where I provide parents of young children with my expertise on issues and concerns relating to early childhood Years. I have also served as a Child Development guest lecturer at varies Universities such as: California State University of Long beach, CA; Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA; and, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland. Finally, I have recently presented at the National Early Childhood Ireland Conference on parental Involvement: Parental Involvement: Diversity in Mother's and Father's Parenting Practices. For several years, I have focused my career path and academic pursuits on learning and developing the required skills in order to help children, parents, families, and students. In addition, working with people from diverse backgrounds has provided me with a deep understanding and awareness of differences in both individuals and organisations. As a personal mission, I strive to empower and improve parents’, families’, and children’s outlook and circumstances. I believe that being genuine and nurturing, along with being professional and

driven, is an essential combination for people in my field. As a child development specialist, I am aware of the critical role that early years play in laying the foundation for the child’s healthy development. In addition, I am conscious that negative Early Childhood experiences can impair children’s behavioral, cognitive, and social emotional development throughout childhood and adulthood. However, in order to offer children with successful and nurturing experiences through their early years, it is important to advocate for their needs. Therefore, I am extremely passionate about learning about parents’ and children’s’ struggles and providing them with the knowledge and resources they need in order to strive. In addition, I am fervent about providing parents with the information they need in order to make developmentally appropriate decisions in relation to their children’s upbringing. I am keen about providing parents with expert advise on how to respond to their children’s needs and challenging behavior in the most effective way. My hope is that these counseling sessions will provide parents with the knowledge and resources they need in order to provide their children with nurturing experiences that can help them flourish and become a successful part of society.

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