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The Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator uses the power of your lungs to create the necessary suction power. It is designed to fit into your pocket providing instant relief for children on the go. Also, it doesn’t require a filter and the patented Colibri head is removable and easy to clean.


  • soft silicone tip
  • easy-to-clean
  • BPA-free
  • compact and portable
  • full control over suction power
  • suitable from birth

How to Use:

  • Aspirate the infant’s nose after laying them in a stable position and holding their head.
  • If your child is already able to sit, hold them in a stable position while using the device. Sit your child on your lap or sit them up and support their back with a pillow. You may also let them sit into a resting chair with a tilted back.
  • Push the end piece of the Colibri head into the nostril. The tip of the end piece should point slightly downwards and outwards to the eyeball. In this position, you can slightly move the end piece while discontinuously performing suction with your mouth through the tube. With this method, you can reach the opening of the maxillary sinus and the mucous membrane of the nasal concha, and the capillaries of the nasal septum are not hurt.
  • The Colibri nozzle can be used several times a day. It is recommended that you use it before sleeping and breastfeeding/feeding to facilitate the undisturbed breathing of our children.