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For all your bandage needs. High stretch, lightweight bandage for holding dressings in place.  Nylon/viscose, fray-resistant construction. Individually wrapped for cleanliness. Available in 3 different sizes.

  • Very stretchy, a white bandage that will conform to any limb or joint for holding in place dressings and ice packs.
  • Will offer slight compression at the same time, the end can be secured by tearable tape.
  • Made from very open weave material and will stretch in both directions, length, and width.
  • Ideal for holding dressings and ice packs on limbs or joints that still require movement.

Always make sure you are able to slide your little finger between the bandage and the patient’s skin easily to ensure you are not wrapping too tight.

Try and keep the bandage rolled while applying as it is a lot easier for uniform pressure, to prevent you from dropping it have your fingertips under the first layer with the rest of the roll in your palm and apply with your palm and fingertips pointing downwards.