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Developed by dermatologists, Epaderm Ointment is a 3 in 1 emollient, skin cleanser, and bath additive that provides relief for dry skin conditions. Epaderm Ointment does not contain any fragrances, colorings, or additives. it can be used on all dry skin conditions and is suitable for all ages, including babies. Guidelines published by the nice state that greasy emollients like Epaderm Ointment are more effective than nongreasy alternatives. It is ideal for use in the wet or dry wrapping technique.

Benefits & Features:

For eczema, psoriasis, and other dry skin conditions. 3 in 1 relief for dry skin conditions. No colorings, fragrances, additives, or preservatives. Developed by dermatologists. Suitable for all ages, including babies. The formulation contains no fragrances, colorings, or additives. Its barrier aids moisture retention within the skin. Can be used on the skin, as a bath additive or skin cleanser and offers complete emollient therapy in one product.

Areas of use for Epaderm Ointment Epaderm Ointment

Can be used for eczema, psoriasis, and all other dry skin conditions. it is suitable for all ages, including babies. Minimum adult amounts required (1 measure equals 4g of product): Face, Ears, Neck: 1 measure twice a day. Arms, Back: 2 measures twice a day. Legs: 4 measures twice a day. Hands: ½ measure twice a day. Genitals: ½ measure twice a day. Children under ten years of age require half the above amounts. Key Ingredients of Epaderm Ointment Emulsifying Wax. Yellow Soft Paraffin. Liquid Soft Paraffin. Natural rubber latex is not a constituent of Epaderm Ointment or its packaging.