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Formulated with triclosan antiseptic agent pro-vitamin B5 and zinc chlorhide Gingi Kin B5 toothpaste controls the microorganisms while it protects and strengthens the gums.
Cetylpyridinium chloride is an effective antiseptic in the prevention of the growth of the microorganisms in dental plaque promoting correct maintenance of gingival tissue. Zinc salts prevent the adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms to oral tissues helping to control gingival problems. Provitamin B5 reinforces and tones gums contributing to regenerate the epithelium of the oral mucosa. Vitamin B3 has an antioxidant effect. It improves capillary microcirculation and stimulates collagen formation revitalizing the gingival tissue. Fluoride and xylitol with proven anticaries action negatively interfere in the growth of the main cariogenic bacteria and prevent demineralization of the enamel.