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Foot odour can be an embarrassing problem, but it’s a lot more common than one might think. When you think of how we treat our feet – covering them up with shoes and socks all day – the reason why they sweat should be no great mystery! Even the sweetest-smelling person can do a decent job stinking up a pair of shoes by running a few miles in them. Smelly feet aren’t fun for anyone, and they can be a pain to have to put up with.

Are you fed up with not being able to take your shoes off whenever and wherever you want? Now, with Medicare Odour Control Foot Odour Spray, you can spray that ghastly smell away!

The Medicare Foot Spray’s fast-acting ingredients get to action straight away, fighting food odour fast, leaving you with fresh and odour-free feet all day! Gentle and soothing on the skin, this cooling foot odour spray is a refreshing way to fight foot odour for all the family. For extra food odour prevention and protection, use the Medicare Antiperspirant Foot Cream.