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The Custom Mouldable Mouthguard from the Medicare Sport Range uses world-leading technology to provide genuine protection, for teeth, jaw, and brain. The custom mouldable design means that it fits and protects like a custom mouthguard. It is suitable for anybody over the age of 8 years, and for every sport.

The mouthguard molds easily for a secure customized fit. It is also suitable for very crowded or misaligned teeth and is pre-molded to the correct arch form which makes it easy to fit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for Any Sport and Any Mouth.
  • Genuine Protection for All Contact Sports.
  • Mouthguard Comes In Its Own Container Box.
  • Thickened Base to Protect Front Teeth & TM Joints.
  • Patented Aerofoil Base Provides Better Protection for the Jaw Joints.
  • Pre-Moulded to Correct Arch Form- Makes It Easy to Fit.
  • Tongue Tag for Easy Fitting.
  • Fitting Instructions Inside.