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The Medicare Sport Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support is simple and effective support that stabilizes the wrist and thumb together. It provides support for the weak or overworked wrist and thumb joints. By minimizing movement and offering additional support, the Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support works to aid rehabilitation for the wearer.

The common conditions that require thumb and wrist supports include repetitive strain injury, fracture, and a sprained wrist. Thumb and wrist supports can be extremely useful in the treatment of sports injuries, accidental injury, and workplace demands which affect this area of the body.

The Medicare Sport Elastic Wrist and Thumb Support provide compression, support, and protection for the wrist region during play.

This Elasticated Support helps you to Rest, Protect and Heal your Wrist strain. It is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, this is versatile and user-friendly support, suitable for sport and everyday use.

It is designed as a primary level of protection, the Elasticated Wrist Support helps to relieve pain and increase healing for minor wrist pains such as a sprain.

A sprain can cause severe pain, swelling, tenderness, discoloration, and lack of mobility. The strains and sprains are protected by the elastic bandage, while the compression helps with the pain and keeps the joint immobilized.

The support is designed to help minimize further injury while its flexibility permits activity, which means the support is ideal for use in everyday activities as well as sport.