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TePe Interdental Brushes come in a range of sizes, designs and filament types. The updated colour scheme is based on ISO-certificated standards and allows quick identification of the perfect brush size. Daily use can remove 40% more plaque than through brushing alone. Effective plaque control with the help of TePe brushes can prevent tooth decay/cavities, bleeding caused by gum disease and bad breath. The TePe Interdental Brush Red Original is an easy and efficient way to help prevent inflamed gums, cavities, and bad breaths, giving you cleaner and healthier teeth. A functional design with an ergonomically shaped handle and a flexible neck guarantee optimal access to the hardest-to-reach areas / Ideal for braces, implants, crowns, as well as your natural teeth. Small reusable brushes with a patented soft neck. The easy and efficient way to help prevent inflamed gums.