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Tweexy’s single nail polish holders have a cute, patented design that allows you to paint your nails avoiding any unnecessary spills! This works for any nail polish bottle securing a tight grip around the bottle. There are two expandable rings that are thick enough to naturally keep fingers separated during polishing, allowing your hand to relax.

The two rings fit on your hand just like jewelry and easily allow you to switch from one hand to the other when you finish polishing your nails. Paint or touch up your nails in any place you can think of. The nail polish holder rings will work on your bed, at school, lounging at the pool, in a car, bus, train, or even at the airport. Experience freedom painting your nails like never before with tweexy nail polish holder rings.

The tweexy nail polish holder rings fit every single style and brand of nail polish bottles. Even OPI! Each bottle will fit snug into the ring preventing any spills and allowing you to paint freely and expressively.