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Wartner is suitable for the removal of warts and verrucas. Common warts are usually found on the hands, knees, and elbows and are recognized by the rough ‘cauliflower-like appearance of the surface.

Verrucas are very similar but only appear on the sole of the foot. They tend to be much flatter in appearance and are sometimes covered by callous skin. The Wartner Verruca and removal pen is a medical device for the treatment of verrucas and common warts.

The pen applicator contains a highly concentrated verruca and wart removal gel. The gel promotes skin re-growth which causes the skin to peel. As this occurs, new healthy skin is formed, and the verruca (or wart) will shrink and disappear.

How to Use

  • Apply twice daily for 4 days. Only one drop of gel is needed per application.
  • After this treatment schedule, the skin will peel off over the next 4 days. You can carefully remove the peeling skin under lukewarm water.
  • As new skin is formed, the verruca or wart may disappear from the first week of treatment. If the verruca or wart does not disappear completely, repeat the treatment schedule after a break of 4 days.
  • You can repeat this treatment schedule up to 4 times.